Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hmong Village, Laos, February 2013, photograph by Jan Gipple

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Dry brushed symbols on a cloth shade.

Luminous Orange Shade with Purple Flowers

Hand painted cloth shade with fancy white base. $150

Molten Lamp

Vintage glazed orange lamp base
with new shade, wrapped with
Orange Labyrinth scarf, shown below.

Happy Happy Joy Joy Lampshade


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Silk Flowers in Red Vase

Bright silk cut outs on a "new green" acrylic painted background. Flowers, stems, leaves and polka dot vase are silk. Canvas is 4"x12"x1-3/16".
$125 US.

Moon Garden

Pieces of silk applied to canvas. Background is mixed pigment media. Multiple clear coats applied for protection. Edges are also painted.
10"x10" x 1-3/16"
$220 US

Four Seasons

Silk/Mixed Media Collage
Multiple acrylic clear coats
with painted edges.
10"x10"x 1-3/16"
$225 US

Jan's Little Garden

Mixed media collage.
Painted edges.
Multiple acrylic clear coats.
$59.00 US

Summer Day in Iowa

$129.00 US
Multiple clear coats
protect the image.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer Evening

12"x60" sheer,
silk in shades of
blue and green.
$59.00 US.

Pink Happiness

Orange Labyrinth

Veil of Night

Night Sky Writing

59.00 US

Merry Way

!2"x60" Batik
Luscious light weight silk


Maybe Later

Love Symbols

Lemon Drop Flowers


12"x60" heavenly silk. Brilliant and deeply saturated hues. $59.00

Gold Fish

Dream On

Dream House

Citrus Herbs

12x60" sheer silk with batik pattern.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hand Painted Silk

Copyright 2005 - 2007, Jan Gipple. All Rights Reserved.
No part of this blog may be reprinted or used without the Artist's permission.

Take the One Seat, 12x12x1-3/8", $216.00

One Seat Pix Detail, 12x12x1-3/8" Silk Collage/Mixed Media, 216.00

Shade Garden, 10x10”x1-3/8" Silk Collage/Mixed Media, 180.00

Spring Breeze, 10x10x1-3/8" Silk Collage/Mixed Media, 180.00

Centri-rouge, 10x10x1-3/8" Silk Collage/Mixed Media, $180.00

Dining Room, 10x10x1-3/8" Silk Collage/Mixed Media, $180.00

Signs of Spring, 10x10x1-3/8" Silk Collage/Mixed Media, $180.00

Happy Tulip, 5x7" Silk Crepe Bag with Lining, 36.00

Cheerful, 5x7" Silk Crepe Bag with Lining, 36.00

Wa-Vee and Harlequin, 5x7" Silk Crepe Bag w/silk lining: each 36.00

New Zebe, 12x60" Silk Crepe Scarf, 64.00

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Fan, 5x7 Silk Crepe Bag, Lined, $38.00

Heart Beat, 16x16" Satin Twill Scarf, $28.00

Game Dream, 16x16" Satin Twill Scarf, $28.00

Blue Labyrinth, 12x60" Silk Crepe, $72.00

Black and White Symbols, 8x54" Silk Crepe, $64.00

People Scarf, 12x60", Silk Crepe, $64.00

Dream Tulips, 42x42" Shawl: Crepe Silk with Fringe, $174.00

Joy Stripe, 42x42" Silk Chiffon, $158.00

Exotic Eve, 21x79 Shawl: Silk Crepe with Silk Satin Edging, $184.00

Satin Block, 21x79" Wrap: Silk Chiffon with Silk Satin Edging $168.00

Dreaming Iowa, 22x22" Silk Habotai Limited Edition, Available through Terrace Hill Gift Shop

Coralville Strip Saga, 8x54" Silk Habotai Scarf, $62.00

Grapevine Memory, 8x54 Silk Crepe Scarf, $64.00

Fringed Hibiscus, 8x54", Silk Chiffon with Fringe, $80.00